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Who are we?

We are a company that constantly renews itself, with its 25 years of experience in a number of countries, which is dominated by international architecture.

What are we doing?

• Steak House Concepts
• Brasserie Concepts
• Nargile Concepts
• Burger House Concepts
• Döner Concepts
• Anadolu sweets Concepts
• Fish Concepts
• Coffee Point Concepts
• Full Architectural and technical measurements.
• Architectural application, three-dimensional
drawing, site monitoring

•Supply of local products.
• Furniture application.
• Central manufacturing, Restaurant
• Kitchen, salon, bar application.
• Environment and garden arrangement.
• Menu creation (food, dessert, wine, bar, hookah)
• Restaurant technology infrastructure
• Professional cost extraction.
• Corporate logo design, company identification
& drawing all printing products

• Corporate Advertising plan extraction.
• Professional photo and video shooting.
• Corporate social media plan subtraction.

• Corporate staff training manual preparation.
•Professional team installation
in the field.

•Personnel training (who is our company, products we use, sensitive subjects, first aid, hygiene, salon diction, behavior, products).
•Designing corporate personnel outfits.
• Preparation of feasibility report.


•Designing and realizing our projects to become ergonomic, spacious, comfortable, perfect spaces; to cater to the tastes of the guests as well as their visual tastes.

•To entertain guests coming to our projects in an acoustic atmosphere that they cannot forget.

•In the international arena, both in Turkey and the Turkish Architecture Gastronomy it is preferable, and to make innovative leaders.

•Anadolu fading away from the accumulation of architecture and gastronomy today whether the revised with modern technology and keep foremost in Turkey in the international arena.

•Mixing the traditional tastes of Anadolu cuisine and providing a place in the menus.

•To create employment for Turkish chefs and to supply traditional Turkish products in modern Turkish concepts that we have built abroad.

•We provide a good source of income to the investor in the concepts we have created and create a spacious business environment for the staff.

•To play an active role in every step of the project from the construction site to the stage where the revenue can be obtained.

Restroran Design?

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New Restaurant Concepts

New Restaurant Concepts

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Architectural File



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Risk Status File

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Hygiene File

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Corporate Printing Id


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